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The new body-jet® evo represents an enhancement to the 1st generation of the proven and reliable body-jet®. These products have turned water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL) into a successful and worldwide established method of gentle adipose tissue harvesting and autologous fat transfer. Using water-jet technology, the fat cells are gently detached from the connective tissue, by means of a fan-shaped pulsating water jet and simultaneous aspiration.

A drive system, integrated in the body-jet® evo, allows increased precision, control, intensity and effectiveness of the water-jet. It is possible to perform the liposuction faster and easier allowing the surgeon to harvest medium and large volumes of fat for a more efficient transfer.

Thanks to the gentle effect of the water-jet, the surrounding tissue, nerves and vascular structures remain virtually undamaged. This minimizes the risks involved with liposuction, considerably improves the result and shortens the patient’s convalescence.

Besides the modern and to-date concept of operation with various preset parameters for liposuction and fat transfer, further individual programming options are available.

Water-Jet Liposuction (WAL)

The gentle and selective power of the water-jet during liposuction

Unlike conventional liposuction procedures, during the water-jet assisted liposuction (WAL) the fat is detached from the tissue structure with much less force, reducing the risk of side effects significantly. The surrounding connective tissue, as well as nerves and blood vessels, remain much less traumatized.

As to the pre-infiltration, the WAL method also clearly differs from common liposuction procedures. In conventional procedures, the subcutaneous adipose tissue is filled with a large volume of tumescent fluid in order to prepare the operation. As a result, the body contours become blurred; the body looks swollen. This is not the case with the water-jet assisted liposuction. In this procedure, far less tumescent fluid (approx. 70% less) is introduced into the body before operation.

Due to simultaneous irrigation and aspiration of the fat cells, you as a physician have direct control over the body’s contours and the amount of fluid introduced and aspirated throughout the whole operation. As a result, the adverse effects of the tumescent fluid during the procedure can be avoided.

Using the water-jet, hematomas and injuries to the sensitive nerves located directly beneath the skin occur far less frequently. The majority of tissue strands beneath the skin, which are important for skin tightening, remain intact.

Advantages of Body Jet Evo
  • Intelligent water-jet monitoring for • flow • occlusion • air
  • Sterile, closed-loop system for fat harvesting
  • Suction control for a smooth and safe aspiration
  • Reliability thanks to many years of experience in water-jet applications and with the body-jet®

  • Harvesting of highly vital adipose tissue including stromal vascular fraction (SVF) and stem cells (ASC)
  • Suitable for small, medium and large fat volumes

  • Time saving and high flexibility in the operating room: faster and easier liposuction and fat harvesting thanks to water-jet pulsations in • SHORT • MEDIUM • LONG
  • Uncomplicated handling and easy-to-understand user guidance utilizing touch screen technology
  • Practical measurement and calculation of the tumescent fluid consumption
  • Help information available at any time over the touch screen
  • Maintenance-free drive unit and cost-effective safety inspections
  • A well matched complete system with WAL applicators, cannula and LipoCollector®
  • Designed to be upgraded for stem cell harvesting and application

The most recent innovation of the LipoCollector® series stands out due to its reduction of the residual liquid in the lipoaspirate to 15 %. Due to the new mesh filter and the drain the lipoaspirate has an optimum fluid content of 15 %.

The LipoCollector® 3 is designed for easy, fast and effective fat collection up to 1,000 ml. The aspirated fat tissue is continuously washed, separated and concentrated during the liposuction procedure. Centrifugation or any other time-consuming processing steps before fat transfer are not required.

The liquid content of the adipose tissue harvested in this manner is reduced to 15% that facilitates the distribution of the grafted fat in the host tissue, for example in the breast or in the face.

As a result, the LipoCollector®3 permits an efficient autologous fat transfer with predictably good results, that is easy to perform.


The FillerCollector® is a modern system for harvesting small to medium volumes of fat.

The reusable FillerCollector® is a fast, simple and fat-sparing system that works without the need of extra filters.

The unique design permits the continuous separation of the fat from the irrigation fluid and does not require the use of a centrifuge, or other treatment to prepare the adipose tissue for grafting.

When using the FillerCollector® together with the water-jet assisted liposuction method (WAL), micro fat droplets of high quality can be harvested and, at the same time, adverse effects caused by exposure of the fat to the tumescent fluid and unnecessary handling are reduced. This gentle method significantly improves the chance of long-term survival of the grafted fat cells.

Advantages of LipoCollector
  • Sterile, closed system for fat harvesting
  • The suction does not put a strain on the aspirated fat

  • Time saving and high flexibility thanks to the continuous separation of adipose tissue and fluid during fat harvesting
  • Centrifugation and further processing of the collected fat are not necessary; the fat is immediately available for grafting.
  • Harvesting of highly vital adipose tissue including stromal vascular fraction (SVF).
  • Suitable for up to 500 ml (FillerCollector®) and up to 1.000 ml (Lipocollector®) fat tissue in a sterile, closed system
  • Effective Filtration: removal of fibrous tissue
  • Residual liquid in the lipoaspirate is reduced to 15 % (LipoCollector®)

  • Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Autoclavable
  • Separate opening for extraction
What They Are Saying


Fat grafting is a frequent requested treatment in the plastic surgery practice. Former fat grafting techniques were time consuming. With the body jet evo I am able to perform a large volume fat grafting with a good adipocyt quality due to the direct collection of fat in the lipocollector. The aspiration of the adipocytes is easy due to the direct pulsation infiltration and aspiration of the adipose tissue in the same cannula. I have noticed that patients experience less postoperative pain compared with other liposuction systems.

Dr. Martain Loonen, M.D., Ph.D., FCCPPlastic Surgeon Dubai Cosmetic Surgery, Abu Dhabi branch, Royal NMC hospital

My positive experience with Obalon comparing to other balloons: Patients have not tolerated previously the liquid filled balloon while with Obalon the tolerance is high much better; Patients who don’t want to do an endoscopy for insertion is happy with Obalon as the endoscopy is only on removal; Patients are satisfied for it has no abdominal pain or vomiting with the Obalon.

Dr. Tareck SalehSaleh Clinic

I have been providing the Obalon balloon through the support of Mediclinic City hospital and Mediclinic Dubai Mall to aid weight loss for patients for the past 2 years in the UAE. I have found that due to the need for such a noninvasive, simple to perform, with high patient satisfaction and minimal risks and side effects it is very effective To date, non-surgical treatments like dieting and medications have not been very effective & surgery like sleeve gastrectomy , gastric bypass, gastric band are currently accepted as the only treatment approach with long lasting success. But many people are afraid of surgery or are not fit for surgical criteria. For these people gastric Obalon balloon procedure is an alternate and effective choice.

Dr. Mazin AljabiriMediclinic Hospitals